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Bishop James Hampton

New life Ministries was founded in 2004 by Bishop James Hampton. Bishop James Hampton always wanted a church were his children can priase God with no hindrance. With the help of God and his beloved wife, Magaline Bishop Hampton, they were able to accomplish what some men has dream. Bishop Hampton was able to lay down the foundation. Overseer Timothy Hampton help with planning. First Man Randy Hardy did the entire inside of the church with help from the current church member. While First Lady Hampton was still praying.

Six years ago, New Life Ministries Church was founded through countless hours of prayer and a few faithful souls. New Life Ministries was established with a deep religious background rooted in the word of God.

Pastor Denise Hardy and the New Life Ministries Church family learned to wait patiently, work faithfully, serve God whole-heartedly, sacrifice relentlessly, and continued in prayer without ceasing to be here today in this place of worship…and for that we give GOD PRAISE, THANKS, GLORY AND HONOR FOR ALL HE HAS DONE.

October 19, 2003, Bishop James Hampton gave Pastor Denise Hardy his blessings to start New Life Ministries. Pastor Denis Hardy stepped out on faith (October 26, 2003) with 20 members and held services at Co-Pastor and Deacon Tann’s house. (New Life Ministries Church services continued at the Tann’s residence for a year followed by 16 months of Church service at the Ahoskie Elementary School and then returned to Co-Pastor and Deacon Tann’s yard under a tent for 6 weeks spreading the word of God to the community).

October 2003 was truly a time of stepping out on faith. Bishop Hampton also stepped out on faith, using all of his life savings; he purchased three acres of land on October 21, 2003. (The building was purchased by faith on July 22, 2004). That parcel of land, 341 Bluefoot Road, Ahoskie, underwent a groundbreaking on September 10, 2004; the frame for New Life Ministries Church was completed on October 20, 2004.

During the time of transition and building (October 2004 – August 2005), through prayer, sweat, ups and downs, faithful members assisted Deacon Randy Hardy Sr. in putting up insulation and sheet rock. Deacon Randy Hardy Sr. is also responsible for building the pulpit, choir stand, and the woodwork around the church, which was completed (under the direction of the Holy Ghost).

On August 19, 2005, Pastor Denise Hardy received the permit (New Life Ministries Church Birth Certificate) to open the doors for service. On August 21, 2005, New Life Ministries Church opened the doors for the first formal service. The formal dedication service was held September 4, 2005.

Currently, New Life Ministries Church has several areas of ministry, which include the following: Pastor’s Aide, Singles Ministry, Praise Dance Ministry, Praise Team Ministry, Teen Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry, Drug Ministry, Prison Ministry, and After-School Program. New Life Ministries Church has also paid off furniture, carpet, and the building. God has also blessed us with a church van. We are in the process of getting a food bank to feed the homeless. We believe that if the natural food can feed the souls that are lost, so can the words of God. The church has attended a Leaders Conference for the past few years in Detroit, MI and in Atlanta, GA, has gone on a shopping spree in New York City, Spirit of Norfolk Celebration for Co-Pastor Tann, Baptismal Pool, Second Annual Men’s Empowerment Service, Recognition of Bishop James Hampton, Senior Appreciation Day, Youth Revival, Vacation Bible School.

The Outcome

The outocme of this church is unique. We refuse to say we are the best in bussiness, but we are saying through sweat, tears, heartache, pain, although many have left, through God’s grace WE ARE BUILT TO LAST!!!!!​​​

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― Bishop James Hampton