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Leaders of New Life Ministries

Pastor Denise Hardy

"It's Hard to Stumble While You on Your Knees."

Pastor Denise Hardy is a native of Murfreesboro, North Carolina. She received Jesus Christ as her personal Savior at an early age. In 1997 she was licensed as a Minister of the gospel at First Baptist Burdette Franklin, Virginia. Pastor Hardy attended Roanoke Theology Seminary in Elizabeth City, North Carolina and received her Bachelor of Divinity in 2001.


Pastor Hardy has been the Pastor of New Life Ministries for (8) years and is a multitalented servant of God. She is the 9th child out of 12 children of Bishop James Hampton and the late Queen Mother Magalene Hampton. Pastor Hardy has been married to Randy Hardy Sr. for 29 years and blessed with (2) sons; Daitwan, and Randy Hardy.

Pastor Hardy has served in almost every capacity of the church including Sunday school teacher, choir, and Assistant Pastor at First Baptist Burdette Franklin, Virginia under the leadership of Bishop James Hampton. Pastor Hardy is a “Light Bringer”. You will always find her shedding light through teaching and preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is a powerful woman of God who preaches in season and out of season and offers these words of wisdom to many. “My best is before me and my past is behind me I don’t look like what I’ve been through.”

Pastor Hardy has implemented several ministries at New Life Ministries, which include women’s ministry, prison ministry, drug ministry, homeless ministries, youth ministries and outreach ministries. Pastor Hardy continues to teach us that our future looks better than our past, to set our standards high by settling for the best and nothing less.​

Pastor Daitwan Hardy

Senior Pastor
"Hurt is Necessary, Pain is Inevitable, But Victory is Guaranteed!"

Pastor Daitwan Lamont Hardy is a native of Ahoskie, North Carolina. He is the second of two sons born to Overseer – Elect Denise Hardy and Deacon Randy Hardy. He is truly no stranger to the Holy Word as he derives from a line of pastors. It’s like preaching would be an eminent part of his genetics. He is the grandson of Bishop James H. Hampton who was the founder of the New Life Ministries Church in Ahoskie, NC in 2003.


Pastor Denise Hardy and Co-Pastor Burnette Tann preceded Pastor Daitwan Hardy in Pastorship at New Life Ministries Church. After the passing of Co-Pastor Tann in 2012, Daitwan Hardy became the Assistant Pastor of New Life Ministries.

Job 14:1 states, “Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble.” Identifying with this scripture in his early twenties, Pastor Hardy realized that God sent his son Jesus, who is the ultimate silver lining when trouble comes his way. Within his ministry his focus is to remind the congregation that even in the midst of trouble, God can keep you in perfect peace.

In 2011, God began to reveal some of His promises to Daitwan Hardy. On September 24, he married the love of his life Kimneeia Hardy. They have been married for 6 years. On October 4 of this same year, he began a company, SCI Security, Inc. In December, he preached his initial sermon. He realized the major call on his life in after preaching this sermon titled “Jack in the Box”. It was after preaching this sermon he understood what it meant to be “used by God”.

He attended Apex School of Theology. He looks forward to continuing furthering his theological education at Liberty University. He was ordained as an elder on March 2, 2014 and then later ordained as Pastor on June 11, 2017.

Pastor Hardy has major plans to uplift God’s Kingdom by witnessing to all mankind. He is truly about the business of His Father. He has made a commitment to preach the Word in season as well as out of season. He currently resides in Wake Forest, North Carolina with his wife Lady Kimneeia Hardy.